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El Sol y La Luna - Dusty Rose (Small Defects)
Eres Una Maravilla

El Sol y La Luna - Dusty Rose (Small Defects)

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Small scratches and dents. Some glitter or cornstarch marks. 

MATERIAL: Polymer clay earrings with a gold plated earring hook. 

These earrings are ready to ship! Please allow 3-5 days for processing. If you are also ordering wire hoop earrings, please allow 2-3 weeks for processing so that your items will ship together. 

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El Sol y la Luna

The story goes that the Gods of Teotihuacan, once a celestial city, decided that there should be a sun because the city was always covered in darkness. The Gods made a huge fire and needed a man to volunteer to jump in to be reborn as the sun. 

Two men were interested. One rich. One poor. When it came time to jump into the fire, the rich man was too scared but the poor man was brave and jumped in. He was reborn as the sun.

The rich man became jealous and so he too jumped into the flame and was reborn as the sun. The gods decided that there couldn’t be two suns so they grabbed a rabbit by the feet and tossed it at the second sun and he became the moon.

Legend says that when you look up at a full moon, you can see the silhouette of a rabbit!

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