Frida Earring Kit Instructions

On this page you will find your Frida Earring Kit instructions as a how to video. 

The video will provide you with the basics for how to create your earrings. This activity can take you anywhere from 30-50 minutes. You can totally work on your earrings over the course of a few days. Your clay will not cure if its left out at room temperature BUT please make sure that if you stop and pick up at a point where you are using a piece of clay to stamp or cut, re-condition your clay like I show you in the video before working with it.

To put away the clay that you have leftover, simply put it in a little ziploc bag or re-wrap it so it doesn't dry out. 

Please share your pictures with us by tagging us on social media and using the #MaravillaMaker!

We hope you enjoyed this process and if you have questions please feel free to send us a DM!

- Paulina & Alvaro