Snowman Ornament Kit Instructions

On this page you will find your Snowman Ornament kit instructions as a how to video. You will notice that this video is about 40 minutes. You can definitely finish this craft faster but I provided you with lots of detail. So for those of you who are a bit more comfortable working with clay and don't need as much detailed guidance, here is an outline of the video so you can hop around as you need. This is also great to use if you work on your ornament over a couple of days, which is totally fine as well. Your clay will not cure if it's left out at room temperature BUT please make sure that if you stop and pick up at a point where you are using a piece of clay to stamp or cut, recondition your clay like I show you in the video before working with it.

Please share your pictures with us by tagging us on social media and using the #MaravillaMaker!

We hope you enjoyed this process and if you have questions please feel free to send us a DM!